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This inter-university recruitment project will directly address Utah's critical teacher shortage by recruiting qualified individuals to special education majors. Although coordinated by USU, a Recruitment Specialist and Academic Advisor will refer recruits to other Utah higher education programs when those programs are more compatible with a recruit's interests, skills, schedules, and/or needs. To date, the University of Utah, Weber State University, Snow College, and Salt Lake Community College are active partners. Other higher education programs will be encouraged to become active participants.

Proposed Audience and Partners

The target audiences are paraeducators working in Utah special and general education classrooms, high school students serving as peer tutors, and high school students from underrepresented groups. Higher education program advisors, the Utah State Office of Education, and special education directors serve as partners.

Nature/Extent of Project Activities

A Recruitment Specialist will coordinate activities by describing the initiative to university advisors, then referring recruits to an advisor from the university of the recruit's choice. The Recruitment Specialist will follow up with the recruit and the university advisor to assure that contacts have been made.


The primary outcome will be increased numbers of speicial education majors from target groups who later become special education majers. Data will include numbers of recruits, organization contacts, majors, and licensed teacher graduates.