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SPED Careers

Critical National Shortage of Special Ed Teachers

Did you know that there is a critical shortage of special education teachers in every state in the U.S? Did you know that the most critical shortages of all teaching fields in Utah are in special education? This means jobs are plentiful. School districts, charter schools, and private schools clamor to get licensed special education graduates.

Careers in Hospitals

Hospitals that specialize in pediatrics sometimes hire special education teachers to provide assistance with the educational needs of their young patients. You may work directly with children who are in the hospital, or you may coordinate assistance for the hospital's patients with the local school system.

Careers as Private Tutors

Many families are looking for qualified people to provide additional instruction within the home. Those with an entrepreneurial spirit may want to offer these services on their own or connect with agencies or Private Institutions that provide this service. You create the hours and workload!

Careers Working with Adults Who Have Disabilities

Vocation and independent living skills

Adults with disabilities can live long and productive lives especially when they are involved in programs that help them maximize their abilities. Many career opportunities are available for those with special education degrees to work with this population in areas of vocational skills and independent skills. They also help coordinate community living, communication skills, self-care and volunteer programs.

Disablility service positions in higher education

Many adults with disabilities ae now pursuing certificates or degrees in higher education, such as applied technology colleges, vocational-technical schools, and two- and four-year colleges. Special education teachers sometimes work with disability service offices in these higher education programs.